udpshout - is a simple application, that takes an MPEG transport stream from a multicast/unicast UDP network stream (like IPTV), extracts audio channels from stream, and sends the audio to an Icecast/Shoutcast server.

The HTTP streams can be played back in most MPEG Audio players (eg iTunes, WinAmp, VLC, Mplayer, Xmms etc).



NEWS 2010-03-06:

  • add multi-pid transport stream filtering (non-needed pids just skipped)
  • fix variable-sized mpeg payload handling.

NEWS 2009-03-10:

  • first release



The latest code can be downloaded from here: udpshout-r90.tar.gz



udpshout is configured using a single configuration file.
An example configuration file is included.

The [server] section of the configuration file contains the Icecast/Shoutcast server settings. There are then multiple [channel] sections for each of the channels you wish to send to the server. The 'udpshout' binary takes a single parameter, the location of its configuration file.



  • Add EPG/EIT parset to get radio station titles from dvb stream.